I’ve always loved reading about how blogs grow their traffic, revenue and email lists. Bloggers often shared this information, but you had to track it down from different blog posts, case studies, and podcast episodes. After being inspired by IndieHackers, I launched BlogProfits. A site where people can come and learn from successful bloggers.

A few nights later after coming up with the initial idea, I sent out 103 emails to bloggers asking to interview them.

Out of 103 emails, 71 did not reply18 declined, 9 agreed and 5 actually did the interview.

I did some editing and published the interviews on the site. I also added an affiliate link to a hosting partner.

First, I answered 15-20 questions on Quora related to blogging and included BlogProfits URL to every answer. Out of 509 views, only 43 people came back to the site.

Second, I took one of the interviews and republished it on Medium. Within 30 days the article has gotten 40 views.

Third, I spent one-hour or so on Reddit trying to get my Karma up so I could post about BlogProfits. It shared it in /blogging; /marketing and /entrepreneur subreddit. I also answered bunch of comments on /blogging subreddit and linked back to BlogProfits.

Reddit ended up driving 4,000 people back to the site.

Fourth, I sent an email to the people I interviewed that their Q&A was live with an opportunity to share the interview with one-click on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn. Out of 5 interviews, 3 people ended up sharing it on social.

Fifth, I scheduled a bunch of tweets to my personal Twitter account which drove a few hundred visitors.

That’s it. Even though it didn’t get massive traffic the first month, BlogProfits ended up getting around 11,000 visitors. I think that’s a good start and validation of the whole concept.