Brok Webb of Full Time Job From Home blog helps people find ways to make money from home.

Revenue of $16,000/mo

Email list size of 13,400

Founded in 2013


Hello! What’s your background, and what is your blog about?

My name is Brok, and I run a blog called Full-Time Job From Home that I started in December of 2013 to help others find ways to make money from home.

My site includes information on ways to earn extra income, make money blogging, and where to find work from home jobs.

In January 2018, I had my highest earning month ever $13,841.39.

What motivated you to get started with the blog?

The main reason I started Full-Time Job From Home was that I ran into a few online scams. I lost money and didn’t get paid what I earned from a few sites, so I felt like others must be getting scammed too!

During my search for ways to make money online, I came across a training course that taught you how to build websites and make legitimate money with them.

I knew that I had experience getting scammed, so a blog about avoiding online scams and finding legitimate opportunities was a perfect niche for me!

What is the revenue model for the blog?

My blog makes money with affiliate marketing, ad revenue, and a few sponsored posts here and there. My primary source of income is affiliate marketing, specifically CPA offers for free sites/apps. 

It took me about three months to make a legitimate affiliate sale on my website. I earned a few cents here and there from Adsense before, but I made an $8 affiliate sale in my third month of blogging. Within a year I was making around $1,000. By the end of 2016 I was making around $4,000-$5,000, and since November 2017 I’ve made over $10,000 a month with my blog!

My advice when it comes to monetizing your blog is to focus on affiliate marketing. A lot of blogs focus on ad revenue, but I’ve found affiliate marketing to be more lucrative by a long shot!

Ad Revenue is based on traffic and page views, meaning you need more traffic to earn more with ads. With affiliate marketing this is not always the case. Adding new affiliate links to a page that’s already receiving traffic can cause an immediate bump in income, without receiving more traffic!

What are some strategies you have used for building up the traffic?

The training course that I originally took to learn how to start a blog is called Wealthy AffiliateTheir training focuses on SEO and receiving free traffic from Google aka Organic Search Traffic.

For that reason, from the beginning, most of my focus has been on targeting low competition keywords and writing SEO optimized reviews and posts.

It’s not as easy as posting on social media when it comes to receiving your first blog visit, but the benefit of getting ranked well in Google is long-term traffic.

Similar to how quickly I made my first sale, I started to receive a few visits a day in my second month of blogging. From there it just continued to snowball until I had several pages ranking well in Google. One day last month I received over 11,609 visitors from organic search.

I just checked Google Analytics today, and 593 of the 700 posts on my blog have brought in organic search traffic over the last week, so as you can see, my blog ranks pretty well!

Other than organic search, I started using Pinterest in 2014; it fits my niche very well. The whole key to Pinterest is group boards. It lets you post to a bigger audience then you have so it’s an easy way to drive a lot of traffic to your site.

I also use Facebook, but I’ve been so successful on Pinterest that I don’t focus much on Facebook.

My advice to new bloggers is to focus on ranking well in Google. A lot of bloggers shy away from it because of the scary term SEO, but it’s relatively easy to understand. Target low competition keywords in your posts, and you’ll be set up with a solid foundation to receive organic search traffic down the road. You need to remember that you’re building an online business. Long-term success is what you’re looking for, and you can do that by ranking well in search engines!

How have you grown the email list?

At this time my email list is about 13,400. I’ve grown my list by offering a free bonus. It’s how to make $10 online today. If they subscribe, I send them the link to the post where I explain how it can be done.

'Your free bonus needs to get them to enter their email, and it needs to provide enough value that they continue to read your emails.'Click To Tweet

I’ve found that lightbox opt-ins work best. Yes, they are annoying, but they convert much better than an opt-in on the sidebar or below a post.

I recommend using a lightbox that shows after a minute or two and when someone goes to exit the page.

When a new email subscriber signs up, they will get an email each day for a week talking about a new way to earn money from home.

After the seven days of daily emails, they will receive my weekly newsletter plus any emails I send out about special offers, sales, and jobs hiring now.

My advice on growing a list is simple. You must provide a bonus that provides value. Your free bonus needs to get them to enter their email, and it needs to provide enough value that they continue to read your emails.

A bonus that gets an email subscriber and not a long-term reader isn’t worth much.

How do you write great content that performs well?

Let me start off by saying, I don’t like writing, but when covering topics I’m passionate about, for example making money, I get by and can get inspired enough to put out a lot of content!

My process for writing is very simple. I have a template I follow for reviews and list posts, which makes up about 99% of my blog posts.

'Your whole focus at the beginning should be creating new content and getting more visitors to your site.'Click To Tweet

In my niche, most of the time writing is researching the site and then giving your opinion on it, so I won’t bore you with details on that.

One thing that sets my blog apart from a lot of the blogs in my niche is keyword research and targeting keywords throughout my blog posts, specifically in the headings.

It comes back to SEO and setting yourself up to rank well in Google. Make sure you’re using keywords throughout your posts, but don’t forget, your #1 priority is informing your reader.

Find a style that works for you and stick with it. The truth is the process of creating content is rinse and repeat in most cases. Find out what works for you and keep at it.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced and obstacles you’ve overcome with your blog? If you had to start over, what would you do differently?

By far the biggest challenge I’ve had while blogging is I don’t really like to write lol. I’ve become very efficient at it over the last 5 years, but it’s not something I would do for fun in my free time. This causes me to go through spurts where I don’t do much work on my site because I don’t feel like writing. Which leads me to what I’d do differently.

If I had to start over the one thing that I’d change is not putting money back into my business sooner. I’ve been making a decent income ($4,000+ Month) for three years now and not until a few months ago was I spending more than $400 to keep my site going.

Over the last few months, I’ve really invested money into hiring writers and freelancers in the areas that I’m not that great at.

If you want to grow your blog into a huge full-time income, don’t be afraid to invest in others. It turns out there’s a lot of people out there that are better at parts of your business than you!

Have you found anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

I’ve taken several courses over the last 5 years just to get new opinions on the process of blogging, but I always come back to the core of my blogging knowledge which I learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

I also use several paid blogging tools such as Thrive Themes/Plugins, Aweber, BoardBooster, Tailwind, etc.

If you find a tool that is helpful, pay for it. As your business grows, the time saved is well worth the money.

What’s your advice for bloggers who are just starting out?

If you have no experience and don’t know how to start a blog, I’d recommend checking out the course I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate. If you already have a blog going, you can still learn a lot from the course so you might want to check it out either way.

With that being said, once you understand how blogging works, it’s a simple process of rinse and repeat.

Most of your time when starting out should be producing new content. As a new blog, you need content to drive traffic to your site, gain the trust of your reader, and build authority in your niche.

A lot of new bloggers get caught up with what theme to use or making their blog look exactly how they want. The truth is, it doesn’t matter that much or at all in the beginning.

Your whole focus at the beginning should be creating new content and getting more visitors to your site.

Keep in mind that blogging for an income does not happen overnight, a few days, or for some even a few months. No blogger has ever failed to make money they just gave up before they did!

Where can we go to learn more?

Connect with me on Full Time Job From Home blog; Pinterest or Facebook.