Get 1:1 blogging coaching

I've helped hundreds of people quit their jobs and focus full-time on blogging. I'll personally work with you whether you are just starting out with or want to hit that 6-figure mark.


Hi. I'm Siimon Sander. I've been building profitable blogs and internet businesses for the past decade and I'm now accepting applications for our personal coaching program.

This program is for people who are determined to build a profitable blog and who want every advantage possible to get there.

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How does this coaching program works?

Step #1: Identify Your Goal

What's your goal? Is it to make $5,000/mo from your blog or is it to finally quit your job and focus full-time on blogging? We'll will work together to develop a clear, laser-focused goal.

Step #2: Create a Roadmap

We will detail the specific path you will follow to hit your goal. You will never feel lost, alone, or behind schedule.

Step #3: Work With You to Reach Your Goal

I will work with you 1:1 to give you the information you need to execute your roadmap. I will be there with you to encourage you and knock you over the head when you start slacking.