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30 Interviews

3 weeks ago in Blog

When I started BlogProfits, I didn’t realize how challenging it would be to get bloggers to do an interview. There are a lot of bloggers out there, but not everybody is comfortable sharing their revenue numbers and being completely transparent about every aspect of their blog.

To my surprise, I’ve just hit 30 interviews, and here are the biggest learning lessons.

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$260 Gross Revenue

3 months ago in Blog

You’ve probably heard that every blog should start making money right away. I thought, I’d give this piece of advice a shot. I signed up for BlueHost affiliate partnership and added a page to the main menu as a quick tutorial how and why should someone start a blog.

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The Beginning

4 months ago in Blog

I’ve always loved reading about how blogs grow their traffic, revenue and email lists. Bloggers often shared this information, but you had to track it down from different blog posts, case studies, and podcast episodes. After being inspired by IndieHackers, I launched BlogProfits. A site where people can come and learn from successful bloggers.

A few nights later after coming up with the initialĀ idea, I sent out 103 emails to bloggers asking to interview them.

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