Ammar Ali runs All Blogging Tips, where he essentially helps people make a living from their blogs. In this interview, you’ll learn about the importance of patience, focusing on SEO and mistakes he made along the way.

Revenue of $2,500/mo

Email list size of 7,300

Founded in 2011


Hello! What’s your background, and what is your blog about?

My name is Ammar Ali. I’m blogger and a web developer. I am also pursing Masters in Information Technology. All Blogging Tips is a blog that I started in late 2011. It’s about blogging, traffic and SEO.

The blog is currently making $2,500/mo.

What motivated you to get started with the blog?

I always had passion for websites when I got started. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time learning, exploring and experimenting different things. I was passionate about websites, coding, programming languages and different technologies. I started my own blog so I could write about stuff I learned

I did not have much experience but I had passion which helped me got started.

What is the revenue model for the blog?

Right now, most of my income comes from affiliate marketing. A part from that I accept sponsored post, banner advertisement and freelance web development projects occasionally.

I made my first income from affiliate marketing within 3-4 months of starting my blog. It was from the theme company affiliate program which I used on my blog. This gave a boost to my confidence.

My advice for new entrepreneurs is to make a proper plan for your blog, have patience, be consistent.

What are some strategies you have used for building up the traffic?

When I started, SEO wasn’t that difficult. All my blog posts were SEO optimized, I focused on proper keyword research and making it optimized to rank well in Google. The biggest traffic source today is still from search engines. My advice is to learn SEO and implement it from the first day. Do not ignore SEO. Keep your content optimized for SEO. Build backlinks to your blog, write guest posts, invest in SEO tools. Promote your blog and see the difference.

Giveaways are one more strategy that I used in earlier years to build up traffic. They performed extraordinary.

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Other than that, social media promotion, guest posting helped me generate more traffic and help people get to know about the blog.

How have you grown the email list?

Right now, my email list is at 7k subscribers. I used to setup auto responders emails with some great information in it. I also offered free AdSense checklist to those who subscribe to the blog. Bloom plugin from ElegantTheme is one of the tool that helped me in the process and boost conversions. 

My advice for bloggers is to focus on building your email list as early as possible. You can find many services which are free up to 1k subscribers. You can boost your conversion by offering bonuses, ebooks, checklists. Give your subscribers some interesting email content. You can also offer short courses by email to grow your email lists.

How do you write great content that performs well?

English isn’t my native language. I worked on improving my grammar and English writing in first few years. Honestly, I don’t like writing long in-depth content nowadays.

The content ideas I get are from blogosphere. I research on what people are looking for, what they are struggling with, how can I fix their problems. Forums, Facebook groups, blog’s comment section are great way to know about audience and what they are looking for.

My main focus is always on title and its optimization. It’s first thing that people notice before reading the content. List posts always perform better. This is probably the most important lesson I’d share is make your title catchy. Use powerful words to attract visitors. Do not use long paragraphs. Try to use short paragraphs and proper headings with images. It will engage your audience and content will perform much better.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced and obstacles you’ve overcome with your blog? If you had to start over, what would you do differently.

My first challenge was with the hosting company I choose. I faced lots of problem and within a year I moved to top notch host company which was a big relief. At starting, I had no one to help me. I had to do everything on my own. Learn from Google and implement it and then wait for the results.

If I had to start over, I’d make a team of people who are good at the skills I need. I will invest more money and use my time wisely. I will outsource things needed for my blog. I’d just invest and not repeat the mistakes I did before. I will focus on promotion of my blog posts. It is important to get people to read your content.

Have you found anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

I found some products helpful which are Semrush and Serpstat These are two tools which I investment my money on and found it very helpful. Both are great tool to do keyword research, backlink analysis and competitor’s analysis. I love them. A part from that, I found that constant learning and trying out new things helped me excel in the field and grow my skills.

What’s your advice for bloggers who are just starting out?

My advice for new bloggers is to know your audience, find out their needs. Consider, how can you make a difference and provide something unique. Find your unique selling point. Engage your audience. Solve their problems.

I see many people making mistake of not caring about their audience. Try to reply to comments properly, answer their queries, help them if you can. Offer free giveaways that will keep your audience engaged.

Where can we go to learn more?

You can visit my blog AllBloggingTips or via Facebook. If you want to talk, feel free to reach through contact form on the blog.