When I started BlogProfits, I didn’t realize how challenging it would be to get bloggers to do an interview. There are a lot of bloggers out there, but not everybody is comfortable sharing their revenue numbers and being completely transparent about every aspect of their blog.

To my surprise, I’ve just hit 30 interviews, and here are the biggest learning lessons.

Following Up

People are busy and bloggers that I want to interview have often million other things to do. One of the key things has helped a lot has been a consistent follow-up.

  • I send up a follow-up email when they don’t open/answer the initial email request
  • I send up 3-4 follow-up email when the interview deadline has passed

For a long time, I saw follow-ups and email reminders as an annoying marketing strategy, but if it’s done nicely people really appreciate it. I use followup.cc to do all of this automatically.

Numbers Game

Outreach of any kind usually boils down to the numbers game. On average, if I reach out to 100 bloggers with an interview request, then on average 50 bloggers will respond.

  • Out of these 50 bloggers, 20 agree to do the interview
  • Out of these 20 bloggers, 2 bloggers will actually do the interview on time
  • Out of the 15 remaining bloggers, another 3 bloggers will do the interview after the deadline has passed
  • On average, for every 100 super-targeted interview requests that I send, 5 of them will appear on BlogProfits

I’ve learned to not take “no” personally and realized that if I’m not getting enough interviews published on the site, that just means I need to send out more emails.

Thinking About Goals Differently

I see a lot of people in the blogging world setting goals for themselves that they can’t control. All of us are guilty of saying: “I want to hit 1m page views this month” or “I want to double my email list”.

The problem with these kinds of goals is that you aren’t in control of other people’s behavior. I’ve realized with BlogProfits that instead of making goals that are out of my control, I focus on what I can control.

Every week, I make sure outreach out to X amount of bloggers for an interview request rather than making a goal to publish X amount of interviews.

Accountability Really Helps

For most of us, being an entrepreneur is quite a lonely journey. Some days, you can go a whole day without talking to anyone.

I’ve found that having an accountability partner really helps. An accountability partner is basically someone you share your goals with and make sure that you follow through.

For me, every Sunday evening I check-in with my accountability partner and make plans for the next week. I’ve found that a quick, 5-minute Skype call works the best and keeps me on track.

Next Steps for BlogProfits

Most people who come to BlogProfits learn the most from bloggers who’ve gone through major challenges and slow growth. My plan for the next few months is to include more stories of Bloggers who fit into this category. Another thing that I’m working on is building a community around BlogProfits and opening comments for blog posts was the first step towards that.